The Fishing Seasons of Rochester, NY


What makes spring so good in Rochester is the ability of the water to warm up quickly. Prevailing winds are south-southwest, which are favorable to the south shore. That coupled with the sandy bottom and multiple tributaries brings the fish to the shallows in pursuit of bait.  

For this reason many charters from other ports move their operations to Rochester in the spring. I know, because I used to be one of them. Where else can you start fishing Cohos and Browns in early April and move into Steelheads and Kings in early May? 


As the water warms we tend to move offshore. That can mean fishing over 100 to 700 feet of water. But not to worry, the average run from port in the middle of summer is still less than 8 miles. That's less than 30 minutes. 

This close proximity to deep water ensures the cold water Trout and Salmon need to flourish. When other ports are complaining about warm water, our fishery is as consistent as ever. Salmon tend to be the target of choice, but Lake Trout and Steelhead aren't far behind.  Calm seas and plenty of sunshine make summer fishing great.



The mighty Genesee River and its flow bring the King Salmon right to our front door during the fall. After chasing these fish all summer, now they come to us. There are days when we don't even put the boat on plane to fish. 

Fishing comes full circle in the fall. As the season wanes, the variety of species increases.  By mid-September and into October all of the fish are back close to home: Kings, Cohos, Rainbows, Browns, Lake Trout and Atlantics. Are you starting to get the picture?