Captain Randy Calus

Captain Randy Calus

Captains Corner

There are a few necessary ingredients that make fishing out of Rochester in the spring very consistent. Browns, Cohos, Rainbows and Kings all share one thing in common; they like to eat. A good supply of bait is never far. There is no place on the south shore of Lake Ontario that has better water color, structure, and current. All provided by the Genesee River and other nearby creeks and ponds that flow within a couple miles of port. Fishing in April and May is rarely outside the sight of port. Planner boards searching for subtle temperature breaks find a good supply of top water action all spring. Whether I run them on the beach in six feet of water or a couple miles out over a hundred feet of water, acrobatic fish do their best to avoid being caught.

Summer fishing usually takes place in three areas all within a short ride. Depending on which way the wind blows, the Sure Strike can be found fishing the big drop off to the east, the stable water directly out in front of port, or the strong currents and structure that make Braddock’s Point worth the ride. Mid-summer fishing brings a variety of techniques on any given day. Downriggers, dipseys, planner boards, lead core, and copper all do the same thing. They keep our bait in the preferred temperature zone where bait and fish can be found nearby. This is the time big salmon are feeding the most. Arm stretching runs and long tiresome battles can last over 20 minutes. This is the time of year to catch the fish of a lifetime.

As Labor Day approaches the King Salmon that we chased all summer come to our front door, the Genesee River. In fishing few things are guaranteed but a good run of 25- to 30-pound salmon will return to the place they were stocked every year. Predawn anticipation can only to be fulfilled by the scream of the reel as a big salmon strips line as the sun rises. It doesn’t get any more exciting. From dusk until dawn there are plenty of chances. If you’re looking for a little variety, just outside the Salmon are Rainbows and Steelhead. Only this time of year they’re bigger.

Capt. Randy Calus

USCG LIcensed Master Capt.

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